Dried Apple Peel Powder News

AppleActiv's Parent Gains Exclusive License to New Patent

Leahy Orchards is the exclusive licensee for a recently issued patent (US Patent 8,551,554) for methods of making and uses of apple peel powder.  

Leahy Orchards is the parent company to AppleActives, whose all-natural ingredient AppleActiv™ is an organic dried apple peel powder (Leahy DAPP™), clinically proven to support joint comfort and range of motion.  

This process for drying and milling fresh apples to a fine powder to extract maximum health benefits was developed by researchers at Cornell University.

AppleActiv offers the antioxidants, polyphenols and flavonoids of organic apples. It contains no additional preservatives, artificial colors, dyes, or additives and is certified organic.

“It’s gratifying that AppleActiv has been recognized for our unique methods of making apple peel powder,” said Lorraine Leahy, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and President of AppleActives. “This official recognition will help drive consumption of DAPP in applications such as supplements, bars, dry powders, smoothies and marinades.”

About AppleActiv

AppleActiv is an all-natural ingredient from AppleActives, made from organic dried apple peel. Rich in antioxidants, AppleActiv supports a wide variety of age-related conditions, and is clinically proven to support joint comfort and range of motion. AppleActiv is produced in a cGMP facility by Leahy Orchards, the parent company of AppleActives. Leahy Orchards is a family-owned and -operated business that is the largest producer of organic applesauce in North America.  Leahy Orchards selects quality apples from orchards throughout Quebec and Ontario Canada, and New York State.  More information: www.AppleActiv.com.


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