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AppleActiv DAPP contains a high level of polyphenol antioxidants, as well as other smaller, easily absorbed antioxidant components that provide antioxidant protection to cells. How antioxidants function, particularly how they neutralize free radicals and help prevent oxidative stress, is well documented. Still, much research remains to be done on the benefits of antioxidant-rich apple peels for specific health conditions. 

AppleActiv DAPP has been tested for its antioxidant content using industry standard antioxidant tests such as the CAP-e (Cellular Antioxidant Protection in erythrocytes).* The CAP-e test measures the ability of an ingredient to neutralize free radicals in a cellular environment, protect from oxidative damage and provides us with better information about how much antioxidant protection an ingredient may provide.* 1, 2, 3


CAP-e Cellular Antioxidant Protection

Figure 1. Cellular antioxidant protection provided by different concentrations of AppleActiv DAPP using CAP-e assay

AppleActiv DAPP was also clinically tested in a study where people consumed the product for 12 weeks. After 2 weeks, study participants showed increased antioxidant protection capacity in their blood circulation.* The level of antioxidant protection continued to increase over the 12-week study period.* The increase may be a result of easily absorbed antioxidants in AppleActiv DAPP, as well as antioxidant compounds released because of the normal digestive process.

Reduced lipid peroxidation in serum of study participants

Figure 2. Cellular Antioxidant Protection capacity of serum samples of 12 study participants that consumed AppleActiv daily for 12 weeks. The data shown are the group averages +/-­ the standard error of the mean.

Summary: AppleActiv DAPP has a high antioxidant content that helps protect cells against oxidative stress.* A human clinical trial suggested that the cellular antioxidant protection in the blood increased during the time AppleActiv DAPP was consumed.* 

Consumption of Dried Apple Peel Powder Increases Joint Function and Range of Motion
Consumption of Dried Apple Peel Powder Increases Joint Function and Range of Motion

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