AppleActiv DAPP is clinically proven to support joint health*

Apples provide a wealth of nutrients that support a wide variety of physical functions. One of the primary health benefits of apples—particularly the nutrients found in the peels—is joint health.* The joint health category has long been dominated by a just few frequently used ingredients. While these ingredients allowed formulators to develop products with some success, manufacturers have been waiting for something new to offer their customers. Introducing AppleActiv. While AppleActiv is one of the newest joint health ingredients available today, it’s sourced from the fruit that customers have known and trusted longer than any other—apples. 


  • Delivers the natural goodness of organic dried apple peels

  • Contains a rich polyphenol blend with high levels of antioxidants, flavonoids, quercetin, triterpenoids, ursolic acid, vitamins and minerals

  • Provides clinically supported joint health benefits* 

The nutritional appeal of peels

Apple peels are naturally rich in antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. In fact, a study comparing the nutritional content of apple flesh and apple peel showed that the highest phenolic and flavonoid content (including quercetin) was in the peels.2 View Articles » The high level of phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity in apple peels work together to help keep inflammation within the healthy range, fight oxidative stress and quench free radical activity in order to provide significant joint health benefits* 

Clinically supported claims

AppleActiv structure-function claims are supported by scientific research. AppleActive works with NIS labs, an independent research lab, to validate our claims. NIS Labs has completed a 12-week human clinical trial that measured the effect of AppleActiv powder on joint health, range of motion measures, comfort and inflammation management support. Subjects who received AppleActiv vs. a placebo demonstrated a statistically significant improvement in all of the above areas.Access a white paper detailing the study methodology and results here.

AppleActiv is a polyphenol-enriched powder high in antioxidants that delivers the following health benefits: 

  • Provides antioxidant support*
  • Supports healthy joints* 
  • Promotes joint comfort and mobility*
  • Helps manage oxidative stress*
  • Promotes healthy aging*
  • Helps maintain cell integrity*

Clinical research

AppleActiv’s joint-health claims are supported by a 12-week pilot study. The study measured the effect of AppleActiv on serum antioxidant capacity, range of motion (ROM) and joint pain as a result of reduced range of motion. Subjects were evaluated at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 weeks. Each evaluation included measurements of:

  • Antioxidant cellular protection capacity (CAPe bioassay)
  • 17 distinct ROM measurements
  • Joint pain evaluated through the Visual Analogue Scale (VAS)

Antioxidant capacity. Subjects demonstrated a statistically significant improvement in serum antioxidant protective status. This improvement was measured by the CAP-e bioassay, which included several inflammation markers.

ROM. Subjects also exhibited improved ROM, with some areas improving in as little as two weeks and all areas showing improvement by 12 weeks.

Joint pain. Reductions in joint pain were statistically significant after 4 weeks (p<.05) and were highly significant by the end of the 12-week period.

AppleActiv graph: eductions in joint pain were statistically significant after 4 weeks

Charted score is the mean VAS value of all subjects.

For a copy of the complete study, including ROM measurements for all areas of motion (including hips, shoulders, lumbar region, thorac and cervical regions) contact your AppleActiv sales representative.

Clinical study reference: GS Jensen, et al., 2013, Consumption of dried apple peel powder increases joint function and range of motion. Manuscript pending publication.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.