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Gastrointestinal discomfort, e.g. bloating and cramping, is a common symptom in otherwise healthy adults. Approximately 20% of the population, particularly women, suffer from GI discomfort to a point that it that affects their quality of life. Research indicates that GI health and intestinal balance can be negatively influenced by the stresses of everyday life, poor diet, travel and use of medical products. AppleActiv has studied the benefits of polyphenol-rich apple peels for supporting GI bio-functions and helping to maintain balance within the GI tract.

Preclinical research

Much GI discomfort is thought to arise from an excessive inflammatory immune response to gut microbes. Polyphenols, which are highly concentrated in apple peels, have been studied for their antioxidant properties and ability to support a healthy inflammation response.* AppleActiv designed a research study to evaluate the effects of polyphenols from apple peels on intestinal inflammation, including the onset, duration and severity of the inflammation.

The study used an in vivo animal DDS model and measured lipid peroxidation, enzymatic antioxidant activities and expression of inflammatory markers. Interim study results indicate that a daily administration of polyphenols from apple peel extract to mice prior to an inflammatory insult helped:

  • Decrease oxidative stress and enhance antioxidant defense (MDA, GPx, catalase and SOD2 markers measured with Tukey’s Multiple Comparison Test)*
  • Alleviate intestinal mucosal damage*
  • Reduce the production of inflammation biomarkers (COX-2, TNFα, IL-6 measured using Tukey’s Multiple Comparison Test)*
  • Improve membrane permeability*

Apple Peel Polyphenols
Apple Peel Polyphenols and their Beneficial Actions on Oxidative Stress and Inflammation

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