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AppleActiv GHX Launches to Provide Digestive Health Support for Dietary Supplements, Foods and Beverages

Unique Ingredient Designed to Address Gastrointestinal Discomfort, Nervous Stomach, and Other Digestive Challenges

SupplySide West Global Expo and Conference – Booth 21091 – AppleActiv™, the functional food division of Leahy Orchards, Inc, today announced the launch of its AppleActiv GHX, an all-natural extract with standardized polyphenol content that supports gastrointestinal health.

This new ingredient will be shown in booth 21091, and company executives will be available to discuss the range of applications for, and benefits of, utilizing AppleActiv GHX in nutritional formulas.

“The AppleActiv GHX extract can be added to any product formulation intended to support digestive health or reduce GI discomfort,” said Lorraine Leahy, nutritionist and director of the division of functional foods at Leahy Orchards, Inc. “AppleActiv GHX is a liquid extract that blends easily in both wet and dry formulations, including dietary supplements as well as fortified and functional foods and beverages.”

AppleActiv GHX, a potent functional food ingredient, is essentially made from a high phenolic acid and flavonoid content that confers powerful antioxidant properties. The extract has been successfully tested in-vivo for its ability to soothe stomach irritation and support the health of individuals experiencing recurring discomfort associated with GI distress, including nervous stomach, cramps and bloating.

“A recent study evaluated the effects of polyphenols from apple peels on intestinal inflammation, by measuring lipid peroxidation, antioxidant defense, enzymatic antioxidant activity and the expression of inflammatory markers,” said Dr. Ouessou Cherif Aidara, Ph.D, president and co-founder of Quebec Biodiversite. “The preliminary results are extremely encouraging, showing that daily administration may support a healthy inflammation response, reinforce the antioxidant defense, and help the body defend against oxidative stress.”

AppleActiv GHX contains a rich polyphenol blend with high levels of antioxidants, flavonoids, quercetin, triterpenoids, ursolic acid, vitamins and minerals. Together, these compounds may provide significant digestive health support.

The AppleActiv GHX extract is available now. For more information, please visit: www.appleactiv.com.

About AppleActiv

AppleActiv is the functional food division of Leahy Orchards, a family-owned business and one of the largest producers of organic applesauce in North America. AppleActiv produces functional food ingredients that leverage the polyphenol and antioxidant properties of apples to help support healthy lifestyles, and a variety of age-related conditions. AppleActiv DAPP (dried apple peel powder) is an all-natural ingredient, made from organic dried apple peel intended to support joint comfort and range of motion. AppleActiv GHX is an all-natural extract with standardized polyphenol content that supports gastrointestinal health. For more information, please visit: www.appleactiv.com.


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